Solutions for Network Marketing Teams

The tools you need to turn leads into leaders.

How it works

Using leads from Responsive Data means you'll never have an empty sales pipeline. You can generate your own with our professionally designed landing pages or take advantage of our affiliate network and purchase leads directly.

Your teams can grow beyond their warm market faster with a steady stream of demand based prospects combined with an automated marketing platform. Not only are our leads qualified and delivered in real time but you can automatically enroll them into a sales funnel and auto-responder email campaign.

Import &
Track &

Managing dozens of prospects can be a messy and time-consuming process. When teams become larger, and prospects begin to multiply, the task of organizing them can be become impossible without the help of a CRM. Ours was built specifically for the network marketer in mind. We place emails, scripts, resources and action items at your teams fingertips. Members can nurture leads, enroll prospects into corporate approved email campaigns, set actions for following up and move prospects through the sales funnel.

The phrase "If you can't measure it, you can't manage it" has never been more accurate. Our CRM has the data you need to keep a pulse on your sales pipeline. Keep track of how far prospects have progressed through training. Find out where leads stop watching your video. Learn what email campaigns work best and which landing pages have the highest conversions.

You'll have a smarter, more informed, more organized and more successful network - and the data to prove it.


Knowledge is power. That's why training modules are featured prominently on the home page dashboard. Keep your members informed and spread the techniques that have been most successful.

New members can instantly benefit from an established sales funnel, media resources, sales strategies and the collective knowledge of the top leaders.

Plus, you can use the News and Promotions section like a virtual bullhorn for announcements, new products and award recognition.

What Problems Do We Solve?

We are THE all-in-one software solution to make network marketing easier and more efficient. Not only does Responsive Data help members generate leads today, but we help you turn them into leaders tomorrow.

Generate Prospects
Import and Organize
Automate Marketing
Track and Analyze
Replicate the Success

  • Have better control of your brand standards
  • Provide professionally designed and approved resources
  • Corporate communication made easy and automatic
  • Keep track of training for teams and individuals
  • Effective and high-converting landing pages the help sign up more members and sell more products
  • Give your members the tools they need to build their teams
  • Control and automate the sales and marketing funnel
  • Easily replicate team's success
  • Be on the cutting edge of business growth with the mobile app
  • Take advantage of the strategic vendor consolidation with the one-stop solution available through Responsive Data.
  • Manage & Generate Leads
  • Prospecting Tools
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile App

Manage and generate leads

Responsive Data provides you a full suite of tools to generate your own prospects, whether you are looking to increase product sales or grow teams beyond the warm market. Beyond just Landing Pages, we give you many options to generate and distribute prospects to your team:

  • Professionally designed product landing pages
  • Fully integrated API
  • Custom domains and advanced domain management
  • Form Code Generator
  • Co-Op Rotator to rotate leads to your members
  • Prospect transfer utility

Besides providing the technology, we also provide the marketing creative and training to show you how to get traffic to your websites. Professionally designed banners and graphics are available, along with high quality printed and personalized marketing materials. Training modules & videos are also available in your back office, to get hands-on expert advice.

Powerful Prospect Tools

Streamline the sales funnel with a comprehensive contact management system and a full-featured set of tools to simplify day-to-day sales and business building activities.

  • Contact management
  • Advanced search
  • Email inbox
  • Activity feed shows opens, clicks, Video Analytics, and More!

With just a quick glance at the prospect detail screen, members can see all of their notes, along with all of their prospect activities. Did the prospect open the email and click the link? Did they watch the video? The whole video or just part of it? Did they click through to the order page? Imagine how much more effective a follow up will be with all of this additional information at their fingertips!

Effective Email Marketing

Although you will find some customers and affiliates that jump right in and get involved after their first exposure to the opportunity and products, but statistically this is not the case. The majority of sales take place after the fifth contact or exposure. Are your members effectively following up with their prospects?

  • Email Auto-Responder Campaigns
  • Schedule Follow-up Emails up to 1 Year in Advance
  • Professionally Designed Templates
  • Full HTML Editing and Customization
  • Customized Video Emails
  • Email Broadcasting Service

Members can have access to corporate approved and professionally developed emails, auto-responder campaigns and follow up system.

Mobile App

Today's network marketers are constantly on the move. Now they can take the powerful tools with them wherever they go. New data shows that responses to personalized text messages are far more powerful than emails and even phone calls. Our app gives members access to pre-built or custom text messages. View your landing pages and marketing sites at-a-glance and send them to prospects with one touch.

  • Interactive data charts to track your team-building progress
  • Contact information is at your fingertips
  • Send pre-built messages, landing pages and media to prospects via text or email
  • Scripts, news and training modules available

Leads, notes, activity feed... everything that teams love about the marketing system is also available in the palm of their hand. Stay ahead of the competition with the tools of tomorrow.

Independent Distributors

Our business tools help more than just big teams. We've created Ultimate ProspectorTM as a way to put the solutions in the hands of the independent distributor. In addition to being a contact management system, Ultimate Prospector offers a variety of tools to help build a direct selling business. Associates receive access to landing pages, email templates and auto-responder campaigns all designed specifically for today's direct seller.

Ultimate Prospector allows you to stay organized, generate prospects, streamline your follow-up marketing campaigns, and so much more... all at an affordable monthly subscription.

  • Contact management system
  • Prewritten emails and scripts
  • Prebuilt auto-responder campaigns
  • Email templates
  • Landing pages
  • Dialing platform
  • Plus much more...
Team Leaders

Add value to your team with a custom branded solution from Responsive Data. In addition to redesigning the contact manager and business building tools to match your existing brand, you can also receive customized landing pages and email templates. Keep your team informed with news and bulletins. Plus, you can create training modules for your products or sales system and then track your associates progress.

In addition to the standard Ultimate Prospector tools, teams may qualify for:

  • Branded system design
  • Custom landing and marketing pages
  • Team lead store
  • Customized sales funnel
  • Branded mobile app
Direct Selling Companies

By providing these tools to your full organization, direct selling companies can see a sharp increase in follow-up success, product knowledge, and brand adherence. Independent distributors are looking for training and effective sales tools when deciding who to join. You'll be able to provide education and add value to your opportunity by helping associates build their business.

You'll receive all the features of a team system including the app and customized lead pages, plus you'll have many additional benefits:

  • Provide approved resources so you can have tighter brand control
  • Training modules and knowledge base
  • Optimized sales funnel
  • API integration
  • Tech support and customer service representatives are provided to assist system users