Our Clients

Our team-branded system gives you the tools you need to turn leads into leaders.

Independent Distributors

Our business tools help more than just big teams. We've created Ultimate ProspectorTM as a way to put the solutions in the hands of the independent distributor. In addition to being a contact management system, Ultimate Prospector offers a variety of tools to help build a direct selling business. Associates receive access to landing pages, email templates and auto-responder campaigns all designed specifically for today's direct seller.

Ultimate Prospector allows you to stay organized, generate prospects, streamline your follow-up marketing campaigns, and so much more... all at an affordable monthly subscription.

  • Contact management system
  • Prewritten emails and scripts
  • Prebuilt auto-responder campaigns
  • Email templates
  • Landing pages
  • Dialing platform
  • Plus much more...
Team Leaders

Add value to your team with a custom branded solution from Responsive Data. In addition to redesigning the contact manager and business building tools to match your existing brand, you can also receive customized landing pages and email templates. Keep your team informed with news and bulletins. Plus, you can create training modules for your products or sales system and then track your associates progress.

In addition to the standard Ultimate Prospector tools, teams may qualify for:

  • Branded system design
  • Custom landing and marketing pages
  • Team lead store
  • Customized sales funnel
  • Branded mobile app
Direct Selling Companies

By providing these tools to your full organization, direct selling companies can see a sharp increase in follow-up success, product knowledge, and brand adherence. Independent distributors are looking for training and effective sales tools when deciding who to join. You'll be able to provide education and add value to your opportunity by helping associates build their business.

You'll receive all the features of a team system including the app and customized lead pages, plus you'll have many additional benefits:

  • Provide approved resources so you can have tighter brand control
  • Training modules and knowledge base
  • Optimized sales funnel
  • API integration
  • Tech support and customer service representatives are provided to assist system users

What Problems Do We Solve?

We are THE all-in-one software solution to make network marketing easier and more efficient. Not only does Responsive Data help members generate leads today, but we help you turn them into leaders tomorrow.

Generate Prospects | Import and Organize | Automate Marketing | Track and Analyze | Replicate the Success

  • Have better control of your brand standards
  • Provide professionally designed and approved resources
  • Corporate communication made easy and automatic
  • Keep track of training for teams and individuals
  • Effective and high-converting landing pages that help sign up more members and sell more products
  • Give your members the tools they need to build their teams
  • Control and automate the sales and marketing funnel
  • Easily replicate team's success
  • Be on the cutting edge of business growth with the mobile app
  • Take advantage of the strategic vendor consolidation with the one-stop solution available through Responsive Data.